My Condolences in Spanish

Grieving is a universal experience, and when a loved one passes away, it is important to express your condolences and support to their family and friends. If you have Spanish-speaking acquaintances who are going through a difficult time, knowing the appropriate phrases to offer your condolences in Spanish can be very comforting.

My Condolences in Spanish

1. “Mis condolencias” or “Lamento mucho tu pérdida”

When offering your condolences in Spanish, the most common phrase to use is “Mis condolencias.” This phrase can be translated as “my condolences” or “my sympathy.” Another popular way to express your condolences is by saying “Lamento mucho tu pérdida,” which translates to “I am deeply sorry for your loss.”

Note: Both phrases can be used in formal and informal situations.

2. “Te acompaño en tu dolor”

Another way to express your condolences in Spanish is by saying “Te acompaño en tu dolor,” which translates to “I stand with you in your pain.” This phrase not only conveys your sympathy but also lets the person know that you are there to support them during their grieving process.

3. “Mis pensamientos y oraciones están contigo”

Letting someone know that they are in your thoughts and prayers can bring comfort during challenging times. In Spanish, you can say “Mis pensamientos y oraciones están contigo,” which means “My thoughts and prayers are with you.”

4. “Cuenta conmigo”

“Cuenta conmigo” translates to “Count on me” and is a comforting phrase to offer your support. By saying this, you are letting the person know that you are there for them and that they can rely on you during their grieving process.

5. “Es una gran pérdida”

Expressing empathy towards the magnitude of the loss is essential when offering condolences. In Spanish, you can say “Es una gran pérdida,” which means “It is a great loss.” This phrase shows your understanding of the impact their loved one’s passing has had on their life.

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6. “May he/she rest in peace”

Wishing peace upon the departed soul is a common practice when expressing condolences. In Spanish, you can say “Que descanse en paz” or “Que en paz descanse,” which both translate to “May he/she rest in peace.”

7. “Un abrazo fuerte”

Offering a strong hug is a comforting gesture in difficult times. In Spanish, you can say “Un abrazo fuerte,” which means “A big hug.” This phrase not only expresses your condolences but also offers a sense of warmth and support.

8. “Mi más sentido pésame”

When offering condolences in a formal setting, using the phrase “Mi más sentido pésame” is appropriate. This phrase translates to “My deepest condolences” and conveys a sincere message of sympathy.


When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, expressing condolences in Spanish can offer them comfort and support during their grieving process. Knowing the right phrases to use can show your sincere sympathy and let them know that you are there for them. Use these Spanish phrases to express your condolences and offer your support in their time of need.

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